About me

I am currently a fifth-year graduate student in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University. My research interests lie in designing high-speed analog/RF/millimeter-wave integrated circuits, and I work under the guidance of Aydin Babakhani.

In my leisure, I enjoy hacking circuits and reading about the challenging problems of physics. You’ll often find me building/rebuilding/modifying/hacking/destroy existing electronic systems to make them do something it was not originally intended to. A very early adaptor who like to mess with new technologies (innovators on Diffusion of Innovations curve).

An admirer of Nature and its laws and hence a keen Physicist. Love to observe and engage in intellectual and metaphorical discussions. A little peckish for knowledge and adventure!

I’ve always been a musical person; I play amateur electric guitar and love listening to soft psychedelic music with solos (can’t get enough of Pink Floyd). A bookworm who tries to read at least a book a month from all walks of genre. Obsessed with cars and planes, in the process of modifying my new RC car and soon to become an armature pilot. A coffee enthusiast in search of a perfect cup, so if you know of a good place for coffee, hit me up!


Rice University, USA Aug.’12 – Dec’17
M.S., Ph.D. Electrical & Computer Engineering
Universidad de Sevilla, Spain Sept.’10 – Aug.’11
Student exchange program
Indian Institute of Technology (IITJ), India Aug.’08 – Apr.’12
B.Tech. Electrical Engineering