- P6: ‘‘RF Ultra-short Pulse-based Flow Imaging’’ — To be filed 2018
- P5: ‘‘Secure Communication under Adversaries’’ — To be filed 2018
- P4: ‘‘New Architecture for Ultra-fast Samplers’’ — Filed 2016
- P3: ‘‘High-Speed Sampler with Active Cancellation’’ — September’16 (US15/261,303)[Link]
- P2: ‘‘Ultra-wideband Pulse-based Directional Modulation’’ — January’15 (US14/596,582) [Link]
- P1: ‘‘Systems and Methods for Active Cancellation for Improving Isolation of Transmission Gates in High-frequency Analog to Digital Converters” — January’15 (US14/596,582) [Link]

Journal Publications

- J3: ‘‘A Sampler for Detection of Picosecond Pulses’’ — T-MTT (under review)
- J2: ‘‘Gone in a Picosecond: Techniques for the Generation and Detection of Picosecond Pulses and Their Applications’’ — RWW special issue of IEEE Microwave Magazine 2016 (Invited) [Link]
- J1: ‘‘Ultra-Wideband Joint Spatial Coding for Secure Communication and High-Resolution Imaging’’ — IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques [Link]

Conference Publications

- C5: ‘‘A Nonlinear Impulse Sampler for Detection of Picosecond Pulses in 90 nm SiGe BiCMOS’’ — EuMW’17 (Best Paper Award Finalist) [Link]
- C4: ‘‘An Ultra-Wide-band Impulse Receiver for sub-100fsec Time-Transfer and sub-30μm Localization’’ — RFIC’15 (Best Paper Award Finalist) [Link]
- C3: ‘‘Ultra-Wideband Pulse-Based Directional Modulation’’ — IMaRC’15 (Best Paper Award Finalist) [Link]
- C2: ‘‘A 40GS/s Track-and-Hold Amplifier with 62dB SFDR3 in 45nm CMOS SOI’’ — IMS’14 (Honorable Mention) [Link]
- C1: ‘‘Model Predictive Control Based Selective Harmonic Mitigation Technique for Multilevel Cascaded H-bridge Converters’’ — IECON’11 [Link]

Selected Grants Written

- G4: Wireless Network Security: Limits of Channel State Secrets and New Foundations – NSF’17
- G3: Terabit-per-second Scale Networking – NSF’16
- G2: Securing Highly-Directional High-Frequency Communication – NSF’15
- G1: Scaling WLAN Throughput and Range with Wide Aperture and 100× Spectrum Diversity – NSF’14